Nov 27, 2008

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Time to start Christmas shopping if you haven't already. Usually I do that black Friday shopping, but am proud to be staying home this year. I got to use the "no babysitter" card. So, as those nuts are out at 4 and 5 in the morning I will be snuggling up with my pillows and blanky. I hope it's not to cold and you get lots of great deals! Have fun!

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Nov 9, 2008

My first request!!! Stay by Sugarland

You gotta love that face on the video! HAHA

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Me singing You've Got a Way

OK, so I did really bad filming this one. I cut my head off half the time!

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As you know I like to sing....

I have decided to record myself singing some songs. You will really get a kick out of my filming skills. I am using my digital camera and just have it sitting on my desk. I promise they will get better. It's hard to get the lighting just right, haha. If there is a song you would like me to try ever..let me know. If I know it, I will try it. If not maybe I will learn it for you. If I like you that much...just kidding. Please leave me feedback. Be gentle though. I am not a professional so don't bash me too much! Hope you enjoy!

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Nov 8, 2008

It's been a while since I celebrated

I stumbled upon some very interesting shoes just now. I wonder if you can help me to decide which pair to buy?

Buh buh brrrrrrrrrr.....

I know it's time for it to get cooler, but it always shocks me when it does. A couple days ago it was 75 degrees and today it's in the 30's. I had to get our coats out. I realize it's November and it's supposed to be cold like this, but I think we got pretty lucky this year and it stayed nicer longer. So on cold days what do you do? Sit in the house with comfy clothes on and take pictures. I took some pictures of Greyson after he fell asleep. I love looking at him so peaceful. I know he's not into anything. Notice he still has the baby fat roll on his thighs. I will be sad when he grows out of that. I still love his feet just as much as I did when he was a little baby.

Nov 6, 2008

See anything wrong with these pictures?

Did you figure it out?
If not I am talking about Greyson's binky. At his two year check up I asked his pediatrician if she had any ideas for us successfully getting it away from him. She recommended two things, taking it away cold turkey and also cutting the tip off slowly. I tried the second one about a month ago. He threw his binky on the floor when he was mad at me and it went behind him in his highchair. So, I took it and cut a little off the top and gave it to him. I told him he broke it when he threw it and that went over like a fart in church. He told me no, and that he wanted "other one". So, we are back to square one. If you have any suggestions for us to try, please let us know. People are starting to stare at him. I fear I will be in the store with him at the age of 14 with this thing still hanging out of his mouth! Now that's a scary thought.

How far can you get on this?

Someone in my CafeMom group just posted this game link. I can't stop playing it. I have to warn you though, it's hard. Click here to play.

Nov 3, 2008

When will he stop asking for suckers?

I wish I could throw the rest of the candy away. Greyson is constantly asking for a sucker. If I say no, he throws a fit until he gets it. I am trying not to give in. I at least make him say please. But, I can't wait until it's all gone. To make sure he didn't ask for it, I threw all the chocolate away...yeah right I ate it. With young kids, how do you keep this crap away from them? Or keep it at a minimum. He doesn't understand too much sweets.


I stayed up way too late last night changing my blog background trying to make is just the way I like it. It was fine then but when the alarm went off this morning, I was killing myself. I have to get up and go to work....I guess I should just be thankful I have a good job. Have a great week!

Nov 2, 2008

Halloween is over with, now pig out day is coming...

We had a very good time trick or treating. I was really worried Grey wouldn't do too well because he is terrified of all things monster/scary. He surprised us and did very well with it. My cousin's little boy, Diego was the Scream character. At first Grey did just that..screamed at him, haha. But, as the night went on, he did great. He walked proudly up to those doors and said "Trick or Treat". My sister and niece came over all dressed up. Tami, my sister, is such a cool mom! She dresses up every year. This year she was one of the girls from Little House On the Prairie. It was awesome. I made buffalo chicken dip, chili, lil smokies and also some hot dogs for chili dogs. I had to take a picture of them in the pan. I looked down and noticed it looked like a hand in there. Pretty freaky on Halloween night, we all got a kick out of that. It was a little better but I couldn't find my camera. That's my life. Daddy stayed home and handed out candy while we loaded our bags with it. All in all it was so much fun!!!