Mar 31, 2009

Wish us luck!

It's time to start potty training Greyson. The thought has me exhausted already. I know it's time though. He has been wanting to take his diaper off every time he potties even one time in his diaper. Tonight we went to Walmart and bought him his very first pack of underoos!!! They are Thomas the Train, of course. He was so excited to have them on tonight. He wore them a total of about 2 hours and didn't potty in them once. In fact he used the bathroom like a big boy. He is really good about going to the bathroom on the toilet. He just hasn't learned to let us know when it's time to go to the bathroom. Usually he will come and get us after he has done his duty in the diaper already. So, wish us luck!

Also, we have finally gotten our bed back! He has been sleeping in his own bed now for about 2 weeks!!! YAY! I am sleeping much better!

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