May 29, 2006

Why don't I have patience?

Who got my patience, because I got none? I am going crazy with negative thoughts that these people that have a contract on our house won't get loan commitment. They are supposed to have it by June 16th. Then the closing date is June 30th. OK, that's exactly 2 weeks for us to find a place and move in. That is a little disturbing to me. SCARY. Our realtor keeps telling me not to put any money down on anything or sign any kind of contracts until we know 100% for sure they can get the loan. I will be almost 8 months pregnant on June 30th, and I find that a little scary also. And this heat in Missouri is miserable. You can hardly breathe, who will want to help us move on a 100 degree day? I wouldn't want to help anyone. Anyway, this is just something that is bothering me. I'm trying to hope for the best, and hopefully my patience will come in soon!!! PLEASE GOD!!
Oh yeah this is my 2 fur babies, Minnie is 2 yrs old and Fido is 13 years old.

May 26, 2006

Who sold their house?

WE DID!!!! I am so excited right now!!! We have had our house on the market for about a month, and impatient me was going crazy thinking we wouldn't sell before Greyson got here. Well today the buyer sent over a contract asking us to pay like 6% which is $7000.00 at close and put a home protection plan in there for them also, which is like $450.00. When my realtor called me she was practically laughing. She was asking "What's wrong with these people expecting this much from you?" Anyway, we sent a counter offer saying we would pay 1%, and $120.00 on a protection plan and that they would have to pay the rest if they wanted one. I knew they would say no, welp they said YES!!! Soooooooo, we got full asking price and we only have to pay a little bit!!! I am so excited. I have been itching to get out of here and get closer to my family which is like 40 miles away from us. Carlos and I end up driving out their way to see them at least once a week for BBQ's, birthday parties, etc. And most of all, I am ready to get started on my son's nursery. I have everything, it just needs to be put together!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share our excitement. This was our 1st home, and we made a family here, but I can't wait to get out of it and closer to my family who I love so much and miss being close to. This is a picture of our home. It was a good home, and it looked nothing like this when we bought it. It was very plain and dirty, but we painted the door and shutters, and Carlos put his green thumb to work in the front with all of the gorgeous flowers. Goodbye house, we will miss you, but hello family I love you more!

May 24, 2006

MINNERS all cuddled up

Just wanted to show you guys a picture of one of my fur babies. She thinks she is human but the nail painting and cute collars probably are what's causing that. I love to buy things for her. She has a huge reality check coming soon when Greyson gets here. I am really trying to teach her to stop CRYING when I walk out the door to do anything at all, even just to pop my head out the door and get the mail. She is the biggest baby. I think she has even got Carlos convinced that she is a baby and not a chihuahua. We love her so much though. We love our other dog too, Fido, but he's 13 and doesn't want his nails painted, LOL. Minnie is 4 lbs and has more clothes than Carlos and I put together. But, I will say I haven't put her in any clothes for a long time so give me a little bit of a break, PLEASE. I can hear you all now. Anyway, we like to walk in the Lake St. Louis Pet Mardi Gras Parade and last year Minnie won the Danny Divido award (smallest dog award if you didn't get that) She got all of these free treats that were for a 80lb dog, I swear. She couldn't barely eat any of them. She got by though, after we cut them all up and made all of our knives dull. Anyway here she is. YO Quiro Taco Bell? I probably spelled that wrong. I better ask Carlos, LOL

21 weeks and still counting...

Ok, I am posting this a few, 4 weeks late, LOL but I have been having problems posting on my blog. So here goes. I had a 21 week ultrasound and confirmed for the 3rd time that Carlos and I are having a son!! We are truly ecstatic about it. I have so many clothes for him. And I have already assumed he will be a shoe-aholic, as I have bought him 2 pairs of keds tennis shoes, 1 pair of Nike sandals, and a pair of Nike Shox. The kid has more shoes than his Momma already. Not really, I have like 80 pairs that I don't wear!! Carlos thinks they all look a like. But anyway, today I am 25 weeks but this ultrasound picture is at 21 weeks. On June 8th we will have another one and I will be 27 weeks!! Holy cow then 30 weeks, then 34, then UH OH time to have a screaming baby boy!! We really can't wait. I can't wait to see who he looks like. Will he be dark like his Daddy, will he have lots of hair, of course he will. That's pretty much a no brainer there. I have had heartburn like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, here is the ultrasound. He has his fist on his neck, awww baby, I can't wait to hold and kiss you.