Feb 23, 2008

Saturday morning..

I have been up since 6:30 thanks to my wonderful son who is like an alarm clock every single day. I got my beautiful Chevy Equinox last night that I was talking about. It's really dreary outside so I will take pictures when it's a little nicer. It had a whopping 4 miles on it when I took it off the lot. I called On Star and registered last night, that was a little weird talking to a girl through my dashboard...haha..but neat at the same time. Carlos isn't in love with a car payment $50.00 more, but he'll eventually get over it. It's million times nicer than my Malibu.

Aunt Tam, Uncle Chris, Uncle Gary, Tavia, and Kylie went to a new place called Playtime and brought Greyson with them. He had a blast. I need to get up there with him. Here are some pictures..there are a couple other ones thrown in there too! Have a great weekend!

Feb 21, 2008


It is freezing outside. I would say it's about -10 windchill for sure. It's nothing but ice out there on the roads. I went to work at 9 after sitting on the highway for a million years. I get there and almost all the patients canceled out. It's like HELLO..just close the dang office down....geez. Anyway, my poor hubby has been gone for almost 24 hours so Greyson and I had burgers and fries at Aunt Tams house tonight.

I might be getting a new car. I am looking at a Chevy Equinox. They have a $3000.00 rebate on them right now...I'm all about getting something for a lot less! So we shall see. Here is a stock picture of one.

Sorry I haven't posted as often as I was..I have been busy. I still love you all!