Oct 30, 2007

How do you cut something so beautiful?

Everyone always talks about how I shouldn't cut Greyson's hair because it is so cute on him. But, eventually I am gonna have to. It's getting pretty long. But look at these curls.......awwwww!

Be safe on Halloween

with Halloween being tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to see what kinds of creeps are in your neighborhood! Be safe!

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Oct 28, 2007

The house is finished..I'm finally done with it!

Last night we broke our new house in by having some people over for chili and margaritas. It was a great time! We had a fire going and we hung out around it! Here are some pictures. Not really much going on here. We're all sick-free right now..YAY! That's a first. I think we may go to another Pumpkin Patch this afternoon so Greyson can see some animals and feed them. Anyway, I better take a nap before it's too late. I had a lot to drink last night and stayed up toooooooo late!

Oct 25, 2007

Look who it is!!!!

Shrek the 3rd.....I mean Greyson. We went to Kmart and they were having a big sale. I bought a skunk costume that was 6-18 mos and it was too small. Which makes no sense. He wears 12 months??? But anyway, I returned it and this is the only thing I could get that would fit him. What do you all think?

Also, we went to the Pumpkins and Pines Pumpkin patch last Saturday. It was 80 degrees out so it was a little hard to get in the mood for Halloween. Although today on the other hand was in the 50's.

I took some pictures, but could not get Greyson to smile. Here are some pictures. They turned out alright.

Oct 18, 2007

My dog

My dog, Minnie has been missing since 7:00 this morning. The last I saw her she was trying to get to some BIG dogs to the left of us. I had to go to work. Carlos was off today due to so much rain last night, so he drove around the neighborhood looking for her a few times. I got off at 12, and came home looking for her. A couple of people in the neighborhood saw her this morning and tried to catch her but she ran from them. So, she has been missing for all of 6 1/2 hours now and I am starting to feel pretty sure that she won't be back. Normally she is back within minutes. So, this is a first for us and her. If we don't find her, then I will be upset. I hope that she will find her way home or that she isn't suffering!


We just got back from taking Greyson to his Dr's appt for a flu shot and I decided to do one last drive through the neighborhood. I was going really slow and a guy pulled up next to me and asked me if I knew anyone looking for a little dog. I said yes and he asked me to describe her. So I did and he said that his Mom found her this morning around 7:30 on a busy street by my house. So he gave me her phone number and I called her. She made me describe her also. I guess they didn't want just anybody claiming her. They had just got done putting signs up in my neighborhood that they had found a small dog. She said that everyone on the busy street stopped their cars to try and catch her...oh brother.....

Oct 16, 2007

My very first car accident......

happened today. I was on Hwy 70 between Mid Rivers and Elsberry exit. We were scooting and stopping. I hit the guy in front of me. I was so sick to my stomach and my heart was racing like a horse. I feel very,very blessed really. It could have been so much worse. The guys truck wasn't even scratched. He had a designer plate under his licence plate and I smashed that like a porcelain plate....oops. Anyway my car was a little scratched above the licence plate and my plate looked like a wadded up piece of paper, and the dealership plate around it was in pieces. So, I asked the guy what we should do since it wasn't really worth calling the cops for. He asked me for $20.00 to replace the thing I broke. So, I wrote him a check and we were on our way. But, talk about scary. I have never been through anything like that, thank God. I was about to puke........

Oct 8, 2007

Finally all moved in and back in business!

I can't be on long as I have to get to bed. I have a much farther drive to and from work now. Here are some pictures of the house now that I've painted. Obviously somethings still need to be unpacked. But, I am in no hurry to get it all done!!! I am so glad to be back online!!