Mar 25, 2007

Peaceful and Precious.....

I just wanted to share these pictures with WHOEVER READS THIS. I know Rachel and Deborah do. But, no one ever comments. Anyway, I captured these while Greyson was napping a couple of days ago. Even though he's been sick, he is still soooo precious. I am such a huge baby feet lover. I saw them sticking out and I ran and got my camera. I love his feet. I know someday they will be stinky and sweaty, and right now, they are cute, LOL

Mar 23, 2007

Spit-up, boogies, and snot...

all over my shirt. It's really gross looking. I can't wait to take a shower, but Greyson won't take a nap. We're home today because he has had a fever for 2 days. It goes down but never goes away. He seems to be perking up a little. Last night was sad, he wouldn't take his head off my shoulder. It was like it was just too darn heavy to pick it up. So, I just let him lay there all night while I rubbed his back.

Right now he's laying in his crib looking at his mobile in a t-shirt and diaper only. He hasn't had much of an appetite, that's when you know he's sick. My son likes to eat.

I was just thinking that one kid is enough for me. I don't know how anyone could handle 2 kids sick at the same time. I don't think I could do it. One needs you so much, where is the other one gonna sit? On your shoulders? I couldn't do it.

Definitely his fathers son

Mar 22, 2007

Momma was scared

So I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I decided to check on Greyson. When I check on him, I gently touch his head and put my hand in front of his nose and mouth to make sure he's OK. I'm sure I will stop this soon with him being almost 7 months old. OMG he was ON FIRE. So, I turned on the lights in his room and took his temp. It was 102.7. His little face was BRIGHT RED and he was breathing really fast and weird plus he was moving his feet and hands around. It just freaked me out because I knew this was not like him. Plus, he seems to be finally getting over his cold, so I'm thinking there is no way it's from that, something new must be going on. So, I get Carlos out of Bed, give Greyson some Tylenol and rush to Barnes hospital. In fact I was driving so fast, I drove past it, hehehehe. Carlos was like...uh where are you going, the hospital is back there, LOL. Anyway, they took x-rays of Greyson's chest and he checked out good. They said that he probably got a fever from the Bronchialitis. So, we're not quite through with it obviously. We got home at 3am. I am off today, and poor Carlos was not. I love him.....poor hubby.

I am so glad this was nothing serious, I have learned not to run to the hospital for a fever, and to slow down or I won't find the hospital....hahahaha.

Mar 19, 2007

Seems to be feeling a tiny bit better

Well, Greyson sounds a little better today. I called the sitter and she said he is doing well. He has had a very yucky nose with this and she said he's been fine today!!! I hope that means he's getting better!! Yesterday I let him play with the Leap Frog gym that Tami bought him. He really liked it. He was very intrigued by it. He's so into everything that is in front of him. He is trying to grab my plate, or anything he sees, LOL. It's funny but I really gotta watch him or I'm gonna have some real messes. Let's hope though he is getting better.

Mar 18, 2007

AGAIN? Geeeeezzzzzz

Again? Greyson is sick again? When does this ever end? I had to take Greyson back to his Doc because he was weezy sounding AGAIN. Poor little guy. He has a flair up of that bronchialitis. YAY! Dangit. So, we're back to the breathing treatments. I hope he doesn't have asthma or something? But, I don't think asthma causes all of this stuff. I have no clue. I just want my baby well again.

Mar 11, 2007

I'm singing at a funeral....

I've never sang at a funeral. It just scares me almost. But I know it will be fine. I need a little prayer said. Thanks.

Mar 7, 2007

Some more pics

Tavia took these this past weekend. I think she takes good pictures!

Mar 1, 2007

Video of G sitting up

Wanna see something funny?

Tami (my sister) works with a lady that takes pictures of adults and puts their heads on childrens bodies. I'm pretty sure the little kids are her grandkids. It's a program she bought. I love it. So here is me and Tami. I was laughing my butt off.