Jul 29, 2010

Welcome Home Gracie

I have been thinking about adopting another dog for about a month now. It's been 7 months now since Fido went to Heaven and I just felt it was time to give Minnie another friend. I wanted to take in a dog that wasn't a puppy and maybe had it rough so I could give it a great life. I came across Gracie's puppies on STLtoday.com yesterday. They were super adorable and going for $250. When I called the owner she mentioned that the mommy of the pups needed a new home also. She had given her away to a friend and Gracie got pregnant, so the friend gave her back. The owner couldn't keep her because she had an autistic son that was stressing Gracie. When I saw Gracie and held her for the first time, I knew I wanted her and not one of the pups. She just looked so relieved and limp in my arms, licking on my face. I knew it was right that she come to our home so she can be a spoiled dog like she needs to be. I am taking her to the vet for the first time in who knows how long. She'll be examined today and get her shots. Then we'll make arrangements to get her fixed so she doesn't have to have anymore pups. I feel really good about my decision to make Gracie a part of out household. She loves Greyson and he can't believe she will actually sit in his car seat on his lap with him. Minnie would NEVER do that.. haha.

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