Oct 24, 2006

Go Cardinals!!!

Man, I hope we win this World Series. I love the World Series especially when it's my home team!!! It's fun to get together with family and friends and party for 7 nights straight. But, I'm on maternity leave. Which leads me to some real sadness. I can't believe I have to stop being with my son every day already. I never want to take him to someone else to watch him grow. But, I have to. I need health insurance, don't we all. I should just be thankful that God gave me such a beautiful baby! Anyway.....GO CARDINALS!!!

Oct 20, 2006

There's a Monkey in my house....

OK, so he didn't enjoy wearing this as much as I LOVED seeing him in it. Have a great Halloween!

Oct 17, 2006

My First BOO

Well, here it is almost Halloween, and I think Greyson's costume is still too big. I don't know if I should buy him a new one? It says up to 15 lbs, he's already 12. But, it's way too long. It's adorable though so I may just go ahead and still put him in it. Tonight, he is at Aunt Tam's spending the night. She's giving me a break and spoiling him. Bad thing is she likes to give him ice cream and chocolate.....HELLO Aunt Tam, I'm only 7 weeks old. She's just trying to make sure she's his favorite aunt. I know her. Anyway, I guess I will still have him wear the monkey costume after all.....