Sep 27, 2009


Things have been hard for our family. Last Wednesday I got a call that my sister Cher fell down the stairs at home so I met them at the hospital. She broke both of her wrists and really hurt her face pretty good. They did her reconstructive surgery the next day at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Seeing her in so much pain was heart wrenching. Today she is feeling some better and tomorrow she will be going to a skilled nursing facility because she can't really do anything for herself. I took a picture of her with my cell phone, so it isn't the best quality. The best thing for her is prayer and there is tons out there for her right now. That is what is carrying her through! Thank you all!

On to a more chipper note, I got this crazy hair and decided to see if Portrait Innovations had any appointments open yesterday. Luckily they did, so I took Greyson for his 3 yr pictures. Mom went with us and I think I bought more because she went..haha but I love them all. He had the photographer laughing at him so many times. We were the last appointment and she was having so much fun with him, she didn't care how long we were there.

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