Jan 26, 2006

7 Week Ultrasound

Well today I nervouslly went to my ultrasound thinking I was 8 weeks pregnant, but shortly after I got there I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. This really doesn't matter to me, because for one, it's only a week, and for two, I'm pregnant!!! After 2 years of trying, I can finally say I'm pregnant. I was very nervous to go to the ultrasound because 2 weeks before I had an ultrasound only to see nothing. I was devastated, but it was too early and just didn't know it. So, today I almost expected to hear that nothing was growing and no fetus was inside. Welp, that's not the case at all. I have a 1.25 cm piece of rice in my tummy called a baby. I got to see and hear the heartbeat and I of course had tears in my eyes. I couldn't beleive that something so small could actually have a beating heart. And at the rate of 170 beats per minute. When I called all my family and friends I was told I was probably having a girl because the heart beat was so fast!!!! Wouldn't I be happy. OK, so I of course will be ecstatic with either, as long as it's healthy, I am ready! So, that's all for my 7 week ultrasound. I'm not having another one until I am 18-20 weeks. What a long time to wait!!! But, I can make it. I waited this long.