Oct 31, 2008

Happy Hollar-ween!!!

Well it's here. We are gonna have a beautiful day today, in the 70's. It can't get any better than that. Hope your Halloween is a safe one and soo much fun!

Happy Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

Oct 27, 2008

Halloween is going to suck this year

Went to the "Patch" again

This time Carlos got to go with us! It was great to have a family day! It has definitely cooled off here. This morning it was 37 degrees and 46 for our high. My skin is already drying out and it's getting dark so early. We are really excited about Halloween being on a Friday this year! I really think more people will participate in giving out candy because of that. Happy Halloween!

Oct 22, 2008

He leaves for boot camp on Friday!

He is terrified of all this Halloween stuff. We can't even walk past a witch in the store. So, Halloween night should be a blast...oh boy. This is the best we could do! I think he looks darn cute! By the way, these pictures were taken in our garage if you're wondering why my floor is so dirty...LOL

Oct 21, 2008

What Daddy is gonna do to Henry

I just found out yesterday that Greyson is afraid of our neighbors blow up cat in their yard. Every morning when we get in the car, Greyson says, "There's Henry!" I have been clueless, and just say, "Yep, now let's get in the car." I never knew what or who he was talking about. A couple of days later Carlos and Greyson are outside and I hear Greyson saying something, but not really sure what he is talking about. He was kicking his leg up in the air like he was kicking someone. Well come to find out, Greyson and Daddy were talking about what Daddy was gonna do to Henry. Henry is what they named him for some strange reason??? But here is what Greyson is saying about it...

I know I shouldn't be laughing about this, I'm not around him. But, it is kinda funny.

Oct 20, 2008

You're only 2 Greyson, not 16.

The other day I had to run in the house as soon as we pulled into the garage. I had to go the bathroom. I was doing the pee pee dance the whole way home. I went to get Grey out of his carseat and he wouldn't get out of the car. I left him in there. I came back a minute later and this is what I find.

Oct 16, 2008

Thanks to Daddy..

I am sitting here listening to Greyson scream his head off in his room. Since he was 3 months Greyson has fallen asleep all on his own in his OWN bed...in his OWN room. But the last month or so, Carlos has been taking Greyson to bed with him because he wants to be close to him after working a long day and not spending time with him. Well, the first two nights I was OK with it. But, now I am not OK with it. He will no longer go to bed in his own room. He wants to go ny-night with Daddy. Carlos is sleeping soundly while I am making Greyson cry it out in his own bed. I shouldn't be doing this at 2 yrs old. I know I sound aggravated, I am...but I am trying not to be. I just went in there and his face is beat red, he's jumping up and down and he's dripping in sweat....awwwww. I rocked him to sleep and just when I thought he was sleeping soundly I put him in his bed. He woke up screaming yanking on my shirt. I left the room and he finally fell asleep. I hope this doesn't last long.

On a lighter note, I gave Grey some oreo pudding after dinner last night. I'd say he did a perfect job at giving himself a pudding beard, huh?


After my last post talking about it feeling like Fall, I was asked to take a picture of our trees by my friend Rachel. She is in Texas with her hubby but is from Missouri. In Texas it's still hot. So, Rachel wanted me to share our Fall trees with her. Here you go Mama.