Dec 29, 2009

It's so hard to say goodbye.....

Tonight I had to put my baby boy Fido down. He was an old lil guy, normally weighing about 9 pounds today he was only 5. I knew he was nearing the end of his days as he's been having seizures daily and could barely walk, not even to go potty outside. I took him to the vet only to find out he was going through heart failure and the doctor felt with his quality of life he should go to doggie Heaven. This was so much tougher to go through then I ever imagined it would be. My mom met me there to support me as I watched him slowly fall asleep. Fido was a really awesome dog for so many years of my life, since age 19. Today I am 34, and sometimes it felt he would be with me forever. I will miss Fido so much but I know he is so much happier where he is. I will see you again someday Fido. I love you buddy!

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