Apr 29, 2008

Do not leave a 20 month old alone eating dinner

Especially not Greyson and with spaghetti! This is what I found when I went back in the kitchen...I laughed so hard...

Apr 20, 2008

Another great weekend

It started off on Saturday, Greyson and I went to Aunt Cher's house to visit. Greyson had a blast over there playing with Landon and Logans (Cher's grand kids)toys. He played on the trampoline and in their clubhouse outside. He didn't know what to do with himself.

Then today, Carlos went to church with me! I was so excited. I asked him if there was ANYTHING he didn't like or didn't feel comfortable with and he said he loved it all. YAY!

After church we had family time again! It is so nice to spend time with them. I am praying that he will continue to want to go to church. On Mothers Day I will be singing at church! I am excited about that too. I haven't sang at this church so hopefully it will go well.

Hope you had an excellent weekend and have a wonderful week!

Apr 18, 2008

We had an earthquake and I missed it?

5:00 this morning Carlos came in the bedroom and said, "Alicia, we just had an earthquake. " You know I thought I was dreaming. So he's says it again and I said, "Shut up Carlos, why are you waking me up at 5am?" He was serious! Last night he fell asleep on the couch and I left him there...a free night from Carlos' snoring, he was just fine on that couch. He was wakened by the earthquake. He said that the pictures on the walls were shaking! Everything is fine, thank God. I really think God kept me sleeping because he knows I would've died from an anxiety attack! LOL.

Here is the report on it from Fox 2 news

Apr 17, 2008

What have I gotten myself into?

I'm not sure I even want to start this yet, but I think it just might be time to. We bought Greyson his very own potty. He is so excited about it. I just know this is going to take a while. He knows when he's gone poo poo but he's not quite ready to put the poo poo in the potty, LOL. Wish us luck! Oh yeah...like the cell phone? Haha

Apr 12, 2008

Lovin some bubbles

A really awesome day..

Today I sang at the 2 Rivers Womens Retreat at the Embassy Suites in St. Louis. I was so nervous until I remembered it wasn't about me, it was about God. It turned out really good and the retreat was very inspirational! I will definitely attend next years. Now my friend is trying to talk me into joining the worship team at church...hmmmmm..I just may....still thinking about it.

After that was over we had some family time at home. It was really nice. We laughed and played and it just felt so good. Here are some pictures I took. Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!

Apr 4, 2008

I bought ANOTHER car!!!

Taking it off the lot at the dealership!

"Don't make me get out of this car Mister!"

Apr 3, 2008

Someone is hurting terribly....

Today I found out that a girl on CafeMom lost her son to Hodgkins. He was 4. The real tear jerker is this was her 2nd child she has lost. Here is her CafeMom page. I am so sad right now. Time to start praying for strength and that we never have to understand the pain she is in.