Aug 28, 2006

Greyson has arrived!

I am home and doing very well. My doctor said I looked like I was doing so well that I got to come home early. I can't say much obviouslly as I have my lil one who's sleeping and I need to be also. I have lots to say really but right now isn't the time. But, I will say things went VERY WELL, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! Here are some pics for now. Of course I have lots more than this but I wanted you all to see my sweet, precious Greyson nowwwwwww!!!! I think I really like him and I'm gonna keep him......I'm in love!
Greyson was 7lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long

Aug 25, 2006

Am I really ready for this?

Of course I am, I am sooo ready to meet the little dude that keeps kicking me and scratching my bladder, LOL. I'm ready to get his head off my pelvic bone that's for sure. This morning I was up at 6 am getting the final things done before I have to be at the hospital at 10. Last night I actually got a pretty good night of sleep. Carlos went and slept on the couch because he was snorning as soon as he hit the bed. I wasn't able to fall asleep like that, so his butt slept on the couch. He's been doing that a lot lately since I've been so uncomfortable at night. But, it wasn't bad. I will say though that the acid reflux/heartburn has been the worst ever the past 2 days, I hope that goes away soon. And my legs are super swollen. I HATE THAT TOO, THEY FEEL LIKE BALLOONS. OK, I must end this here and get the last of Greyson's things washed so I don't have to get it done when I bring my little man home!! Thanks to anyone who has followed my journey of pregnancy. Today is my son's birthday August 25, 2006!!! WAAAAA HOOOOOO!!!
Here are my final belly shots, and man are they awful. I look like a truck hit me.

Aug 24, 2006

Greyson will be here tomorrow!

I went to the OB this morning and they had only gotten the 1st part back still on the amnio and he said it was so good they didn't need the 2nd half! So, tomorrow I am to be at the hospital 10am and the c-section is scheduled for 12. Oh My Gosh!!!! I'm gonna be a Mommy tomorrow!!! I can't wait to post pictures!

Aug 18, 2006

Calhoun County Peaches

One of my cravings during pregnancy has been these Calhoun County peaches. I have been eating them up like I'll never find another one. I love them. This morning with my bagel I decided I'd eat a peach with it. So, I washed it off and dried it. I saw a bruised spot so I cut it off and took about 3 bites only to find a worm that was white squirming around in there. Ackkkk! I couldn't spit it out fast enough. I thought I was going to PUKE! Oh my gosh!!! Just thought I'd share my morning with you all. I'm not wanting that kind of protein with my breakfast.......YUCK!

Aug 17, 2006


OK, so I went to the OB today and we are scheduled for next Wednesday the 23rd to do an amnio on Greyson's lungs (it was the 24th but it got moved up a day)It takes about 24 hours to get the complete results back. My OB said that after he gets the results he is going to do a c-section before the weekend. So, I am thinking I am going to be a Mommy by next Friday!!! So, one more week!!! Please keep prayers going that Greyson's lungs are ready! I feel very confident that they are!! I will be 38 weeks next week!!! WOO HOO!!! Come hold Mommy Greyson! awwwwww! Oh yeah I ordered his costume, he's gonna be a monkey. Here is a picture of it.

Aug 14, 2006

Soon to be parents.....

OK, I know that I am really pregnant but it is really hitting me all of a sudden. Today was my last day at work until I have Greyson. I couldn't make it another day working up patients. I was starting to feel like I should be the patient instead of them, LOL. I am getting excited about next Thursday's appointments with my Dr's. It feels good and scary to know as soon as next week I am going to know when Greyson is coming into this world. I have been loading up on diapers and everything I can think of. I had another Non Stress Test again today and he is still quite content in there, moving around like he's never going to come out. I have news for him. What will I do with myself tomorrow? I don't have to go to work. Shall I take me time? Clean a little? I wonder what I will do the next week and a 1/2???

Aug 10, 2006


So, my Dr calls me at 9am this morning and my blood work showed no Pre-eclampsia. Part of me was hoping something would come of this, but I am glad that things are good. So, now the newest plan is to have an amnio done on Greyson's lungs on August 24th and hope that his lungs are ready and if they are then it's baby time!!! So, I am praying that his lungs will be mature enough so he can make his entrance into this world. Please keep us in your prayers. I have a good feeling that his lungs are ready now, LOL but I can wait 2 more weeks. I'll only be 38 weeks then....agggghhhh!!! COME ON GREYSON, practice breathing buddy!!!

Aug 9, 2006

I so wish I was here......

I just went to the OB because my BP is rising, it was 180/100 earlier and 170/88 at his office, so he is putting me on bed rest : (

I had to have blood work done today to see if I have pre-eclampsia. If I do they are going to do an amnio to see if his lungs are ready and if they are then we are gonna have a baby!

I measured at 41 weeks. I am about to go insane with discomfort. Anyway, that's an update on me. So, I am on bed rest unfortunately, I really wanted to work another week so I would have more time with Greyson before going back to work. But, his health is the most important of course.

Aug 6, 2006

A little piece of Mexico

Carlos' Dad just went back to Mexico for a visit and brought some old photos of Carlos when he was younger. I will cherish these forever. What a cutie pie! He was 5 and 6 yrs old. I hope Greyson looks like this.

Aug 5, 2006

Being preggers isn't fun anymore

I am kinda embarrassed to show these, but oh well here they are. Today we went to My nieces 7th birthday party and so I had Mom take a couple of pictures. Hopefully, this will be my last belly pics!! That would be nice. How much bigger can a belly get???

Aug 3, 2006

6 lbs 6 oz.

That's what Greyson weighed today at my Dr's appointment. I had an ultrasound but it was a boring one, as you couldn't see his face really good. So, what did I do? YEP, I went and paid for another 3D today. I figure I may not ever be pregnant again, so why not??? So, here he is and I am finding it harder and harder to wait to hold him because he is so beautiful!! This was the 3rd 3D ultrasound I have done at this place and he always had his feet in his face and I never got a good view of him. Well, this time he was proud to show off his papa's lips and nose! Aren't they beautiful??? You guys have I told how much I love this little man already, and I haven't even met him!!! I had another Non Stress Test again today, he is doing well. I did find out he is head down and in position, so you never know he could come anytime, I wouldn't mind. I am working 2 more weeks then I am going to try to chill a week or so before he gets here so Mommy can have her time. I have to get his car seat in the car still. I have some clothes packed for him in my hospital bag....I am ready to go!!! Anyway, try not to get your screen wet from trying to kiss his lips....awwwww!