May 31, 2007

9 Month Doctors Visit..

Well, today Greyson had his 9 month appt. He is 22lbs and 29 inches long.....Go Lorelai you already passed him up. He likes taller girls like his daddy, LOL. He is in the 75th percentile for everything which the DR. said was perfect. He is working on his 8th tooth and is almost crawling. He is definitely trying hard. I realized that my floors need to be much cleaner though, as he was picking every little piece of lent up and putting it in his mouth. The worst thing he has picked up and put in his mouth is the dogs rawhide.....yes I know disgusting. Carlos about crapped himself, and I thought he was going to kill me. Like I handed it to Greyson to play with....geez....hahahahaa. Anyway, Greyson is eating all table food with his formula, no jarred baby food anymore. I was told by the DR. to take his bumper pad out of his bed? I didn't ask why, but I wonder. I asked if he could have stuffed animals and little pillows (he already does) in his bed, she said no. She said it's because he may try to step on them to get out of his crib. Oh my,let the fun begin!

His birthday is August 25th and we are trying to decide what kind of celebration we will do, simple or go all out. Just not sure yet. Anyway, here is a video of him the other day playing on the kitchen crawling!! The 2nd video is boring. It's just of him playing.

May 24, 2007

100 things about me

My friend Rachel just did this and I thought it was quite interesting, I am gonna do it too!!! So here goes......

1. I go to an awesome Church.
2. I want to be baptized again
3. I have 2 sisters.
4. I have 1 brother
5. I work only 30 hours a week
6. I pay daycare weekly
7. Therefore we are broke
8. I want to learn more about God
9. I fear death BIG TIME
10. I want to lose a lot of weight
11. I've wanted a breast reduction since I was about 22.
12. I sing my son to sleep at night.
13. I stay up too late on the computer.
14. I highlight just the top of my hair.
15. My hair is really a medium brown color.
16. I lost my virginity at 15.
17. I am not proud of that.
18. I wish I could save money better.
19. I am impatient sometimes.
20. I am a member of 2 Internet forums.
21. I am addicted to those forums.
22. My son is darker than me.
23. My husband is a Mexican.
24. I am not prejudice, obviously.
25. I have been married since March of 02.
26. I need a pedicure.
27. I like my job.
28. I dilate peoples eyes daily.
29. I work with stinky people a lot.
30. I was wrong for saying that.LOL
31. I don't read a lot.
32. I think I have an attention span of a 2 yr old.
33. I wish my Dad was still alive so he could meet my son.
34. This is really hard to think this hard.
35. I don't own a house.
36. My husband and I rent.
37. I have 2 cars in my name.
38. I have a dresser in my sons room with my clothes still in it.
38. I love to write.
39. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite things to do.
40. Holy Cow...I'm only up to 40? I am really good at the game Tetris.
41. I wash my car too much.
42. I used to smoke while drinking beer.
43. I think I'm funny.
44. I should've tried out for American Idol.
45. I waited until I was too old.
46. I have about 200 ink pens.
47. I have a baby bottle in front of my face that needs washed.
48. I take too many pictures of my son.
49. I take Insulin shots
50. I am a type 2 diabetic.
51. I am very hard on myself.
52. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
53. I've changed a lot since I was in school.
54. I am close to only 1 person from high school.
55. I need to wear a bib while I'm eating.
56. I spill stuff on my chest every time I eat.
57. I have worked in 4 restaurants.
58. I waited tables in 3 of them.
59. I have nightmares that I am still waiting on people.
60. I wake up a lot in the middle of the night.
61. I like to snack.
62. I like chicken more then a steak.
63. I loved sauteed mushrooms.
64. I go to my sisters about 1-2 times weekly.
65. I don't mind sitting in traffic.
66. I want to go to a tropical place.
67. I dreamt I was in a tropical place last night.
68. I am proud to have a hard working husband.
69. I have a blind sister.
70. I tried marijuana when I was a teenager.
71. I never got INTO drugs.....thank the Lord.
72. I probably numbered these wrong.
73. I still look at the keyboard while typing.
74. I am not sure if I want to have another child.
75. My Grandmas are still alive.
76. My Grandpas are both deceased.
77. I am getting my hair cut today!! YAY!
78. I am wearing fake nails.
79. I floss my teeth daily.
80. I wear colorstay lipstick every single day.
81. I look horrible without make-up.
82. I am growing closer to God every day.
83. My goal is to sing in the Worship team at church.
84. I am not yet a member at my church.
85. I just got the information in the mail yesterday to become one.
86. I don't read the bible enough.
87. I don't keep up with the dishes every day.
88. My husband does his own laundry.
89. I feel sorry for negative people.
90. I thank God for my son a lot.
91. I hate humid weather.
92. I haven't been in a swimming suit for years.
93. My in-laws live in Mexico still.
94. I can speak a little bit of Spanish.
95. I sang in choir in school.
96. I have a widowed Mother, and have since I was 10.
97. I have 2 dogs.
98. I love silver jewelry.
99. I sell stuff on Ebay sometimes.
100. I put # 38 in here 2 times.

May 23, 2007

You know what I just LOVE?

I love it when I finally get my son to sleep and I think he's in a deep sleep and I'm carrying him to his bed and I step on his glow worm doll and it lights up and it starts singing REALLY loud.....arrggghhhh!!! LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

May 15, 2007

I don't wanna go.......

I am so tired today. I have to be at work in about 45 minutes and I just don't wanna go. I am so sleepy. Why can't me and Greyson stay home and sleep all day?

May 12, 2007

Cute little video

This was taken this morning when he was done eating his breakfast which was oatmeal and a pear. MMMMM mmmmmm good!

May 11, 2007

My first Mothers Day....

is this Sunday and it's kinda neat to think about that. I got my 1st Mothers Day card in the mail the other day from my friend Deborah. She lives in England and it was such a sweet surprise. I don't have a lot to say except for if you are a Mommy, I hope this day is one you will always remember!!!

May 7, 2007

May 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Cher...........

Yesterday was Cher's 35th birthday. She was depressed about it at first. But, we all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I think she was happy just because Greyson was there. No one cares to see me anymore, LOL. They all fight over him. Which is nice because then Mommy gets a break. Have you ever been to Texas Roadhouse? YUMM!!!! They have the best rolls with Cinnamon butter. Carlos could eat just that for his meal, no kidding.

Well, Greyson's boo boo is looking better every day. It's hardly bruised anymore and the sore is getting smaller! He doesn't even act like it's there. But, I will be glad when it's completely gone. You notice I haven't been real anxious to take pictures lately because of that.

Cinco De Mayo is today and we don't do anything for it. You know, I'm not even sure why it's celebrated by Americans anyways. I'll just stay safe at home.

Finally, the sun came back out today. I hate how humid it's been, especially when it's cloudy. But, now that the sun is out, it just seems nicer. I think we had like 4 rainy days in a row. Talk about depressing. Every morning I'd drive to work and just want to turn around and go back to bed from the dreariness.

May 1, 2007

Bad Mommy....

This morning I called into work b/c Greyson has pink eye, so I called his babysitter to tell her he wasn't coming over. She started talking my ear off and I wasn't thinking 100% in Mommy mode and I went to get him out of his highchair and realized he needed more water in his sippy cup. I took his tray off and THEN got the water. OK, yes, I deserve some DUMB points. He fell out of the chair and hurt his nose and under his eye. So, I took him to the ER, nothings broken just looks horrible. So, not only dies he have pink eye in BOTH eyes, he has this hurt nose too. So, I just wanted to show you some pictures of my sweet lil man. I feel awful.